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Atlantis - the legendary lost Empire that uncovered the highest knowledge & technologies still unknown to us today. Some legends suggest that was a full understanding of the fundamentals of our material universe - frequencies.

It is said that Atlanteans knew the frequency of the soul, making them the greatest Healers. 

Although this oceanic empire may now be forever lost, we hope that in healing our water-based human bodies through the power of resonance & frequencies, a new Atlantis may be unleashed from within ourselves.

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A type of natural therapy using frequency & vibrations to create a healing resonance for the mind & body. It is the most ancient form of healing.

When matter has energy, it vibrates, creating frequencies (sound). Therefore, sound is an energy. Our bodies, made up of cells vibrating with life, also has frequencies & energy. Like an instrument, it may sometimes be out of tune, causing physical & emotional issues. Using healing frequencies based on the key of Nature, our physical & mental bodies can be tuned back to a healthy, vibrant state.

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Jocelyn Chan


Jocelyn is a singer-songwriter, actor & certified Sound Healing practitioner specialising in Tuning Forks Therapy. She founded Atlantis Sound Healing in 2020, to bring the wonders of Natural Therapy to more people in her hometown of Hong Kong. Having grown up in five different cities around the world, music & sound has always been her universal language & Jocelyn aspires to be a merger for eastern, western & new-age holistic health concepts.
As a public figure, Jocelyn believes in using her voice to make a positive impact on mental health awareness, hoping both her music & her sound healing can bring rejuvenation to everyone. 
In 2021, Jocelyn released the first Sound Healing x Pop single "Sound of Silence", an ode to inner peace for fellow sleepless city peoples. She is the first artist to merge Tuning Forks frequencies into Cantopop.

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