Mind, Body and Soul

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Private session

Full holistic healing session tailor made for your frequency. 
Experience deep relaxation, healing, and reclaim your inner peace through the healing frequencies of Tuning Forks. The session will be tailor made to your needs and can include both audio & physical sound therapy with unweighted and weighted Tuning Forks, allowing for a full cleansing of negative energy. 
The session begins with 15 minutes of sharing, so that our Healer can fully understand your situation & design a healing protocol best suited for you. You will then experience a 1 hour Tuning Fork sound bath, followed by 15 minutes of post-treatment debriefing & intention realignment.



Private session

Balance your energy with a Tuning Forks healing journey that will work through your whole chakra system, clearing blockages from each energy point to stimulate clean & healthy energy flow through the whole body. Reconnect with your inner and higher self.
This session can include both audio & physical sound therapy with unweighted & weighted Tuning Forks.